Dora Saves the Game
Season 3, Episode 18
Air date November 11, 2003
Written by Valerie Walsh
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Dora Saves the Game is the 18th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 3

Characters present Edit

Summary Edit

Dora is asked to join Daisy's soccer team when they have one player short.

Recap Edit

Dora and Boots are at home. And Dora's family here visiting her house. Dora introduces the viewer to her parents her grandma, her aunt and uncle. Dora shoes a picture of her cousins: Daisy Marquez and Diego Marquez. Dora tells the viewer that Daisy is playing soccer today and the whole family is going to watch the game on TV. Dora's father flips on the TV. In the soccer game, it was a battle between the red tiburónes, (the red sharks) and the yellow tigres, (the yellow tigers). On the yellow tigers team is Dora's oldest cousin Daisy Marquez. Suddenly the whistle sounds and everything stopped. Boots wonders what was going on. Dora wasn't sure but knows that whenever the referee blows his whistle, everything stops. Dora, Boots and Dora's family listened for more information. "I'm stopping the game because the yellow tigers don't have enough players" the referee said. The crowd was in shock. Something had to be done. Daisy had an idea who could be on the team. Her youngest cousin Dora can be on the team. Daisy tells Dora over the TV that she has to get the soccer game right now but she has to hurry. Daisy tells Dora “run Dora, run, corre Dora, corre”. Valerie Marquez says “corre Dora”, Miguel Marquez says “You can do it!” and DadZ Marquez said “Oh, you can do we!” says. Mami said “You can do it, Dora” (ding ding ding ding ding ding ding christmas) from A Present for Santa Dora's family tells Dora that she's great at soccer and has a super soccer kick. Dora and Boots leave the house at once. “Run Dora, run! Corre Dora, corre!” said Dora's family as Dora and Boots get going.